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T3 Fit Diffuser

Volumise and define curls while eliminating frizz

T3 Fit Diffuser

Volumise and define curls while eliminating frizz

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Стандартная цена ₽2.000 ₽2.000

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  • Designed to volumise and define curls
  • Eliminates frizz and leaves hair looking smooth
  • Evenly distributes heat
  • Ideal for wavy, curly or coily hair
  • Compatible with the T3 Fit Dryer
  • Easy-to-use

Примечания редактора

If you have curly, wavy, or coily hair, the T3 Fit Diffuser will take your hair styling to the next level. Boasting vented finger extensions, it works by heating gently and evenly to speed up drying while lifting and separating sections of hair to boost volume and body. Easy-to-use and simple to clip on, this diffuser is great day and night.


  • T3 Fit Diffuser

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This diffuser gives you a salon-quality finish in the comfort of your own home. It evenly distributes the heat to ensure every bit of hair is dry - without overheating. The result? Soft and shiny locks that look like they’ve been created by a professional.


Step 1: Attach the diffuser to the T3 Fit Dryer.

Step 2: Select your preferred heat setting on the dryer and then dry your hair focusing on the roots.

Step 3: As you dry, use scrunching motions in your hair using the diffuser from end to roots to help create defined curls and waves.

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