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KITSCH Eco-friendly Eyebrow Razor Dermaplaner (12 Pack)

Plant-based exfoliating tool

KITSCH Eco-friendly Eyebrow Razor Dermaplaner (12 Pack)

Plant-based exfoliating tool

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  • Removes peach fuzz and exfoliates dull skin
  • Increases absorption of skincare ingredients
  • Trim and shape your brows
  • Smoothes skin for flawless makeup application
  • Made from plant-based materials with sustainable packaging
  • Use every 3-4 weeks for a smoother complexion

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Shape brows, exfoliate dead skin and brighten your complexion with the KITSCH Eco-friendly Eyebrow Razor Dermaplaner. Made from plant-based materials, this dermaplaning tool is an eco-friendly alternative to other tools on the market.

And its stainless steel blade glides over skin for effortless treatments. There's 12 in a pack, so you've got options for keeping them at home, at work or in your bag for effective exfoliation whenever you need it.


  • KITSCH Eco-friendly Eyebrow Razor Dermaplaner x12

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it's as simple as

Step 1: Cleanse your skin and pat dry.

Step 2: Hold the razor at a 45-degree angle against your skin.

Step 3: Using short, gentle strokes, brush downwards in the same direction as hair growth.

Step 4: Repeat every 3-4 weeks.

Additional Information

100% polyester satin

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