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Beurer HK 44 Heat Pad

Warm up

Beurer HK 44 Heat Pad

Warm up

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Стандартная цена 3.499₽ 3.499₽

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  • Contemporary alternative to traditional hot water bottle
  • Crafted from a soft and cosy material
  • Customises your treatment with 3 settings
  • Heats up rapidly
  • Built-in automatic switch off after 90 minutes
  • Perfect for using at home or in the office

Гарантия 2 года Официальный ритэйлер Beurer
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Наше экспертное мнение

Don't judge a book by its cover - the Beurer HK44 Heat Pad is not a hot water bottle.

Warm and cosy thanks to its soft superfleece fibres, its old-school shape gives you all the goodness of a hot water bottle with none of the fuss.

Whether you are feeling cold or under the weather, its breathable superfleece is body-hugging and skin-friendly so it will warm you up and give you all the comfort of the traditional heating device.


  • Beurer HK44 Heat Pad

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The Beurer HK44 Heat Pad is designed to heat up rapidly and comes with 3 heat settings.
Its automatic switch-off function works after approx. 90 minutes to make sure you are safe and sound.

Its removable switch allows you to machine wash the heat pad (up to 30 degrees) to keep it nice and clean, as well as be shared by all the family.


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