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Beurer HK 58 Back and Neck Heating Pad

Soothing warmth

Beurer HK 58 Back and Neck Heating Pad

Soothing warmth

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Стандартная цена 4.300₽ 4.300₽

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  • Fits your curves
  • Boosts your core temperature
  • Improves your circulation
  • Relaxes and unwinds your muscles
  • Customise your treatment with different heat settings
  • Natural alternative to pain relief medicine

Гарантия 2 года Официальный ритэйлер Beurer

Наше экспертное мнение

Relax and unwind neck and back muscles that are tired, achy or painful using targeted heat therapy, a natural alternative to medicine.

Made from a super-soft and breathable micro-fleece material it fits snug and secure to your body using the adjustable waist belt provided.


  • Beurer HK 58 Back and Neck Heating Pad

Наши специалисты готовы помочь:

This model features a rapid heat-up function and 3 temperature settings which can be selected using the user-friendly, detachable controller. It has BSS overheat safety protection, ensuring the heating pad will automatically shut-off after 90 minutes of continuous use.


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