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BaByliss 2100W Hydro-Fusion Hair Dryer

Ultimate shiny blowout at home

BaByliss 2100W Hydro-Fusion Hair Dryer

Ultimate shiny blowout at home

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  • Fast, shine-boosting blow dry
  • Both positive and negative ions fight frizz
  • 86% saw less frizz & silkier hair
  • Diffuser & precision nozzle for all hair types
  • Cool shot, 3 heat and 2 speed settings
  • Great for daily heat drying

2 Year Warranty Official BaByliss Retailer
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The BaByliss 2100W Hydro-Fusion Hair Dryer improves your hair's condition according to 83% of users who were delighted with this at-home hair dryer.

The dual ionic system combats the charge of your environment with both positive and negative ions. That means your hair is less frizzy, softer and silkier.

The BaByliss 2100W Hydro-Fusion Hair Dryer has a diffuser for curls and a precision nozzle for straight hair. Combine that with the 2 speed settings and 3 heat settings for a custom blow dry at home.

This ionic hair dryer also has a cool shot to lock in your style and it's gentle enough to use every single day.


  • BaByliss 2100W Hydro-Fusion Hair Dryer
  • Large Plasma-flow Diffuser
  • Slim Concentrator Nozzle

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why it works

The BaByliss 2100W Hydro-Fusion Hair Dryer dries your hair fast and gives it a long-lasting shine. This is because of the Advanced Plasma Technology which balances the moisture in your hair and uses a dual ionic system of positive and negative charges to combat frizz.

The result is 86% silkier and less frizzy hair - every single day. Just pop on the correct attachment for your desired style and blow dry as normal.

This Babyliss hair dryer is light and easy to use with 3 heat settings and 2 speeds for the perfect blowout every time. When you're done, seal it all in with a cool shot for better-looking hair and a style that lasts.

it's as simple as

Step 1: Detangle your hair, towel dry.

Step 2: Pop on the attachment and plug it in.

Step 3: Set your speed and heat level - dry your hair.

Step 4: Lock in style with cool shot and store.

make it personal

With the 2 speed settings and 3 heat options, the BaByliss 2100W Hydro-Fusion Hair Dryer delivers a shiny, long-lasting style on all hair types and textures. Use with a round brush and the precision tool for a big, bouncy blowout.

Or diffuse your curly hair for soft locks. Reach for the BaByliss 2100W Hydro-Fusion Hair Dryer every day for shiny, frizz-free hair that you lock in with a quick cool shot.

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Additional Information

Key Features:


Powerful airflow for fast drying

Advanced Plasma Technology with moisture balancing dual ionic system

Lightweight for easy handling

3 heat / 2 speed settings

Cool shot

Large plasma-flow diffuser for soft natural curls

Slim concentrator nozzle for a smooth blow-dry

Removable rear filter for easy cleaning

2.5m power cord

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