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Who is Irene?

Originally From China, Irene is currently studying for a degree in Economics and Finance at The University of Manchester.

Irene takes inspiration from her Asian roots when it comes to her skincare. From 10-step skincare routines, Korean-inspired sheet masking to ancient Chinese beauty rituals like jade-rolling and Gua Sha, it's no secret that some of the most effective skin care techniques transcended from East Asia.

A lover of natural skincare and makeup, Irene is a huge fan of facial cleansing and starts every morning with a super deep cleanse with her FOREO cleansing device.

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Irene is currently using...


“I’m a student who is lazy, so I need treatments that I can do quickly but are still very effective.

I love the squeaky-clean feeling that you get after using the FOREO LUNA 3 Cleansing Device. It’s really good, removes makeup really easily and has massively improved my complexion - I used to have a little acne in the form of blemishes and pimples on my face and this seems to have cleared it up.

I do have a little more free time on the weekend which allows me to do treatments that take a little longer.

Recently, I’ve started using the radio frequency device, TriPollar STOP V which although I'm obviously not showing signs of ageing yet, I'm hoping it will help keep my skin looking younger for longer.”


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